PepperHub, a Pepper Informatics Hub for the chili pepper research community

PepperHub is an online platform aiming to provide access to and analysis tools for various omics data for the pepper research community. It currently consists of five functional modules, including "genome", "transcriptome", "sRNome", "Variome" and "Proteome". The genome module hosts the reference genome information in which users can browse, retrieve and search the nucleic acid or protein information using Gbrowse or Blast tools. The transcriptome module host large volum of newly sequenced transcriptome data and provide a series of analysis and visualization tools for users to retrieve and visualize gene expression data. The sRNome module contains published pepper miRNA data and their target information. The variome module contains SNP and INDEL information for resequenced pepper accessions. Presence of SNP and INDEL can be browsed in GBrowse and their detailed information can be searched and retrieved using subfunctions in the module. The Proteome module currently contains a predicted protein-protein interaction database and predicted interacting partner for a given pepper gene can be searched.

for more details, please see reference Liu F, Yu H, Deng Y et al. PepperHub, an Informatics Hub for the chili pepper research community. Molecular Plant, 2017